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The Department of Public Works is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Etna’s water and sewer systems, its city-owned buildings, roads, park, pool, sidewalks, holiday decorations, and equipment. Primarily for budgetary reasons, the Department has several Divisions: Water and Sewer, Streets, Buildings, and Parks, and each of these Divisions have a city council member who serves as its commissioner. Headed by Dan Burbank and assisted by Brandon Facey, the Public Works team is committed to providing the residents of Etna and its visitors with clean, reliable utilities and safe, attractive public spaces.

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The City of Etna is supplied with clean, fresh water year-round from Etna Creek. Water is diverted from the creek to a treatment and storage facility, and is then gravity-fed for residential and municipal uses. The Department of Public works is charged with daily monitoring of water quality, as well as treatment and regular reporting to state agencies.

Projected completion of a new 200,000 gallon steel water tank will be in 2018. This tank will double Etna’s water storage capacity and was made possible by funding through the Community Development Block Grant. The project grant is being administered by the non-profit Great Northern Corporation, located in Weed, California.

Fees for water usage are collected monthly and consist of a base rate and a metered per-gallon charge. The revenue from the base rate goes into the City’s general budgetary fund, while the revenue from the metered rate is placed into a Water Improvement Fund.

A persistent challenge the City faces is an aging water infrastructure, which frequently requires repairs. The Department of Public Works, its commissioner and the Council are committed to finding a long-term solution to this issue. In the meantime, please contact the City Clerk or Public Works if an immediate repair is needed.

There is a one-time charge for any new water service hook-up. Please see the schedule of City fees here or contact the City Clerk for more information.


The City of Etna operates a lagoon-style, aerated wastewater treatment facility. The Public Works staff monitors the lagoon’s levels and reports regularly to state agencies.

Currently, the City is developing monitoring wells in order to assess the effectiveness of its wastewater system.

There is a one-time charge for any new sewer service hook-up. Please see the schedule of City fees here or contact the City Clerk for more information.